7 Black Icons Honored by Autistic Artist Ronaldo Byrd for Black History Month

Ronaldo Byrd Tiger Woods
Ronaldo Byrd "Tiger Woods"

The Art of Autism asked artist Ronaldo Byrd to share some portraits of people he admires for Black History Month.

Ronaldo Byrd Ida B. Wells
Ronaldo Byrd “Ida B. Wells”

Ida B. Wells was a civil rights activist, journalist and educator. I admire her because she was one of the founders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Ronaldo Byrd "Malcolm X"
Ronaldo Byrd “Malcolm X”

Malcolm X was a Muslim Minister and a leader in the Civil Rights Movement and a supporter of Black nationalism. I admire his strength and determination.

Ronaldo Byrd "Stevie Wonder"
Ronaldo Byrd “Stevie Wonder”

Stevie Wonder is a Grammy Award Winning Singer/Songwriter. I think he is a great musician and I enjoy his songs a lot.

Ronaldo Byrd "Steve Harvey"
Ronaldo Byrd “Steve Harvey”

Steve Harvey is a Comedian, Game Show Host, Producer and Actor. He is one of my favorite comedians.

Ronaldo Byrd "Viola Davis"
Ronaldo Byrd “Viola Davis”

Viola Davis is an Academy Award Winning Actress and Philanthropist. She won an Emmy, Tony and an Oscar.

Ronaldo Byrd Tiger Woods
Ronaldo Byrd “Tiger Woods”

Tiger Woods is a Professional Golfer. I enjoy golfing and Tiger Woods is my favorite Professional Golfer.

Ronaldo Byrd "Lebron James"
Ronaldo Byrd “Lebron James”

Lebron James is a Professional Basketball Player for the Los Angeles Lakers. He is my favorite basketball player. I think he is the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time).

Ronaldo Byrd headshot

Ronaldo Byrd is a New York based artist known for his vibrant portraits. Purchase art here. Follow Ronaldo at Ronaldo’s Art Corner on Facebook.

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