2020 Created on iPad Gallery

Malachi Tree Silhouette

For Autism Acceptance in April, Art of Autism contributors across the United States and Canada explore digital art as a new medium using iPad with Apple Pencil. What they created was amazing!

Over the last few weeks, participants have been creating new forms of art on iPad. Though some had previous experience with iPad, most artists had not previously worked with Apple Pencil to create art. Through one-on-one sessions at Apple stores, drawing apps such as Procreate, autistic mentor artists, and other support from Apple these artists gained confidence with the new method and learned how to maximize their creative potential. The participants have differing abilities and different ages.

Over the month of April we will post galleries of art created in this project. The Art of Autism is very excited to lead this series for artists of all abilities. We are grateful to Apple for their support and to the artists for sharing their art and insights. The 2020 Created on iPad art exhibit highlights the diversity of art and the creativity of many on the autism spectrum in visual art — and how technology can enhance their experience.

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April Griffin

April Griffin Mountains

About April

April Griffin

I  am an Autistic artist from Canada. This was my first time using an iPad and also an Apple Pencil. It was extremely intuitive and easy to set up. I downloaded the drawing App Procreate and I was up and running.  I used a graphics tablet back in the day, which was using a mousepad to draw on. That was awesome but this is the next level. I made 60 works of art rapidly. I am an artist and a student so I have less time and this has zero mess. The Apple Pencil can behave just like a brush but it has an undo button. This allowed me to correct mistakes made in unforgivable mediums. Within seconds I can change the colour scheme by adjusting the hue and saturation. I love the Apple Pencil and I am a tough customer. This is the best digital art tool I have ever used and it is everything I could have wished for. I put my textbook on the iPad too and it is much easier to see now.  My eyesight is starting go so this makes art more accessible for me because I can zoom in while drawing. I used to produce 800 works of art a year but last year I only managed to do a couple pieces. The Apple iPad and Apple Pencil have me back on track and this month l made more art than I have done in 3 years!

Malachi Schmidt

Malachi Jonny

About Malachi


“I use art to create my own world. Everything is shape. Everything is color.”

Malachi Schmidt, 18 year old savant artist, resides in Fond du lac Wisconsin.  Malachi draws and paints different subjects, from commissioned pet portraits  to influential people in history.  Malachi’s experience growing up with autism gives him a unique perspective and voice that comes through his art in an unmistakable style.  Malachi captures the true essence of his subjects that others might miss. Inspired by comic book art and animated films, as well as artist’s work, like Van Gogh and Picasso, Malachi started drawing at a young age, prompted by his mother (who is also an artist) initially as a form of therapy, but found his own voice quickly, and is already gaining recognition across the United States.

About the iPad Malachi says “I never tried anything like this before! I would love a teacher to show me even more. I enjoyed learning a new way to create my art. The pencil worked great, and I loved using the color wheel for all the color options .”


Sydney Edmond

Sydney Edmond Joy

About Sydney

Sydney Edmond

My name is Sydney Edmond and I am an artist. I am 27 years old and live in Temecula, California. I have Apraxia which means it’s quite difficult to wield my movements the way I want. Painting is a challenge, but it’s also awesome, wonderful, and glorious. I have exhibited paintings mainly in Temecula and Riverside, but I am currently showing in Poway and soon in Oceanside. I also enjoy writing poetry and attending ballets.

I have enjoyed experimenting with art apps on the iPad! It will be a useful tool for planning my paintings. I was surprised how much I enjoyed creating works on the iPad and was pleased at how versatile it was. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a creative soul!

Austin Jones

Austin Jones "The Bear"

About Austin

Austin Jones

After graduating high school, Austin went to Art Center College of Design where he graduated with a degree in illustration and a minor in entertainment art. Austin loves cartoons, movies, video games, and almost everything entertainment. He has been a dedicated artist all his life, and has been teaching what he has learned to people of all ages ever since he graduated college. Austin graduated from the Teaching Artist Institute and has shown his work locally in San Diego County for the last five years.

“I hope my art will make a difference, open people’s eyes, and bring a whole new perspective to how wonderful our world can be. One of my dreams is to make the world smile. I hope through my art work and the things I create that I help the world to be a place of acceptance and happiness.”

Ikea "Syance" Wilson

Syance Wilson Lil Tecca Ransom

About Syance

Syance Wilson

I am Syance and I enjoy creating art in all mediums.  My iPad gallery represents the images I see in my mind when I listen to songs. The header image  I made is based on what I think of when I hear the song Ransom by the artist Lil’ Tecca. The yellow-orange background represents the key of the song, which is call G minor.  The grayish white design I painted over the background represents what I see in my mind when I listen to the rhythm of this song. For years I was too afraid to draw what I see in my mind when I hear music.  However, I was able to break this barrier in 2010 when I made my first Distortions piece.  I also like drawing digital art on the computer and now the iPad because it is a challenge that I’m currently getting used to.

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    Is it to late to submit your child’s art work? My 13 year old is a MAJOR digital artist. I’d love to submit a piece of her art.

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    I am an artist too, I draw seascapes in different grades of graphite. This information is cool, I can use it and maybe later post some of my drawings if you will have them. Keep up the Awesome work!!

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