Spreading #kindness with hand-painted rocks and shells

hand-painted rocks and shells

Why I paint and share rocks and shells I have hand-painted

By Denise Angele

Some people think rock painting is silly; some have criticized it as graffiti; some just collect some of the wonderful art of others; some play the game and rehide, some are given as gifts. Rocks are not really damaged, eventually the paint will wear off and they will be normal again. Unfortunately, this is not true of Autism. A person is no less than another.

I believe like the rocks I paint, autism is a gift. Autistic people can see things others cannot. They are sensitive to the max, which is not a bad thing. Handled with love and care, they can blossom, like the rocks I paint.

As the mother of an autistic girl and gifted boy I have been witness to both super neurotypical and the haze of autism. Each of my children is unique, like the rocks I paint. I never duplicate a rock painting.

rocks and shells painted

My wish is to spread some joy among all the negative we have right now in society. I paint because it brings me joy. I paint to give that joy to others. Many have said, a rock made their day, or they were having a horrible day, then the rock found them. The love that the artists put into the rocks, is absorbed and sent out to those who will receive them. Rocks and Autism are not much different from each other, even the roughest can be overcome with LOVE and KINDNESS.”


Denise Angele’s bio:

Earthling, happily single mother of two wonderful people, Grandmother to one darling baby girl, graphic art and mechanical background, never finished college work as a bookkeeper. I am a very simple person who loves life, but ready for a new vessel.


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  1. Denise,

    your rocks are wonderful and a gift.

    When I was visiting a New South Wales port town some three years ago I saw super-big rocks being painted.

    With lots of memories and stories.

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