Poetry: Jake

Sanchia Storey


By Sanchia Storey

My life is uncomplicated, black, and white.

I don’t speak in forked tongue,

Hide meanings behind tones,

I give the bare bones.

Never hide behind lies and hidden truths just to be liked.

I am really me,

No ego to feed,

All to see.

Naked to the eye I say what I believe.

There is no hidden agenda.

I Don’t like change.

Things must stay the same.

Don’t think or plan ahead,

Surprises make me anxious, stressed, give me headaches.

Everything must be just so,

Must be perfect in my world.

I stay in my bubble,

My world, no trouble.

Don’t give me those looks, stares, pitying thoughts in your head,

Because I talk and repeat, over and over until perfection reached.

About interesting facts, you know nothing about.


I am happy with my life and its lot.

Understand I don’t need or want what your lot have got.

Don’t try to change or sway me over to your side,

The side you think is right.

I am not lower than you, or undeserving, or a burden.

My life is worthy

My heart full of light

I own no malice

Am pure, innocent don’t have any fight.

My label is autism what is your plight?

Sanchia Storey

My name is Sanchia, I live in the Lincolnshire fens with my partner Carl, 4 children, 13 horses, 2 dogs and some chickens. My partner and I run a livery yard and campsite.

Jake is my 18-year-old son. He is the most wonderful, sweet soul. There will never be anyone as kind, funny and sometimes slightly annoying than Jake. We wouldn’t change him for the world.

In my spare time I like to ride and write poetry.

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