Seriously.TV shutting down bullsh*t about autism

Seriously TV Autistic Panel

Seriously.TV is a comedy news site that features funny and topical news and information videos. The Art of Autism has been impressed with their two-part series on autism – Shutting Down Bullsh*t about Autism. The first video of Dylan talking to Avery (with Avery’s dad Joey) came out in January. That video received both praise and criticism. The criticism came from the autistic community for a variety of reasons. Many did not like the low and high functioning descriptors. Others did not like that the Dad talked over his son. Still others thought there should be a wider diversity of people interviewed. Seriously.TV responded and created a new video which talks to a larger group of autistic people in a panel discussion. The Art of Autism thinks both videos are relevant.

Here are the two videos.

The second video received a much better response from the autism community. We look forward to Seriously.TV’s future videos about autism.

The Art of Autism sponsored their own panel discussion last month.

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