Luis: creative, talented and #Autistic

Autism Unveiled Project Week 2

Stars of Hope - represents hope because people with autism can be a star.
Stars of Hope – represents hope because people with autism can be a star.

I have a special need, I have autism. I’m creative, talented & autistic. Autism helps me to work hard, because I see things in a different way. Even with autism I have been able to do a lot of things. I got a lead role on a Theater play Disney Aladdin Broadway Jr. I have been on TV shows: About a Boy and Parenthood. They hired me to be a background actor. I like it because it was not difficult to listen to the director.

Also, I sold a lot of paintings last year and raised money for different autism related charities. I can sing, play piano & I’m learning how to play guitar. I want to learn more to become a scriptwriter and a director, and continue acting on TV. My big dream is to make a movie about super heroes.

My live motto is “Autism will not stop me”. I will continue developing my creative talents. No one will stop autism. Autism will never stop me.

No one should feel autism is awful because they can do whatever they want with hard work.

Luis Tirado, California

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Luis is part of the Autism Unveiled Project – 6 weeks of Autism posts commencing on April 2, 2015, World Autism Awareness Day.

3 replies on “Luis: creative, talented and #Autistic”
  1. says: Greg

    I love that you have taken your autism, owned it and made it who you are. You will not be stopped by it and you continue to do what you enjoy and what you are good at. Be creative! Be talented! Continue living your life in your style!

  2. says: Cameron

    Hey Luis! I love the energy that comes through in your description of your relationship to your autism. It is great to read “No one will stop autism. Autism will never stop me.” You have dreams and aspirations and I, for one, believe that spending your time and energy trying to ‘stop autism’ will only slow the progress of your dreams. Aim high or you’ll never hit high!

  3. says: Jessie Male

    Hi Luis,

    I’m a graduate student at The Ohio State University. I’m interested in your experience working on Parenthood. Did you talk to Max Burkholder, who played Max on the show? What did you think about his portrayal of a teenager with autism? How do you feel about someone without autism playing the role of someone with autism?

    Do you have any TV gigs we should look out for?

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