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July 15

Erik’s ranch has a call out to artists on the spectrum for an October exhibit. Artists get 50 percent of proceeds.Deadline for high-res images is July 30, 2013. Download the Call for ArtistsGrifGalCall to artists on spectrum 130711 and the Submission Guidelines Art submission130710 here.

June 28 Edition


The Art of Autism has curated 25 exhibits in the last two-years and is taking a break for the summer.
Here are some opportunities. Sorry for the late notice on a couple of these.


The ninth annual Short Film Festival on Diversity and Inclusion in Chico, CA is now accepting entries of short films, 30 minutes or under, for the 2013 Festival’s Filmmakers Competition: “FOCUS on Living with a Disability.” Submissions will be accepted in the following categories: drama, comedy, documentary, animation, or experimental.
Deadline June 30



Yo Soy….Je Suis….I Am…My Family
Children with disabilities are encouraged to create a family portrait that illustrates themselves among the people that provide love, support, and encouragement in their lives – their families! Portraying themselves with some of the most important people in their lives gives testament to the idea that family – no matter how big or how small – help shape who we are and provide the foundation for who we will be. Deadline July 1, 2013


Core 9 deadline July 29th (UCLA)
This exhibit is open to all artists with disabilities.


Bryn Mawr Art Ability deadline July 15th


A new website has been set up for musicians with disabilities from all around the world. Can Do Musos
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