Greta Thunberg Named Time’s 2019 Person of the Year

Congratulations to Greta Thunberg for being named Time’s 2019 Person of the Year.

Greta has describer her autism as her “superpower.”

“We need people who think outside the box and are not like everyone else,” Greta Thunberg.

Greta has attributed her intense focus and passion on climate change to her Aspergers.

In response to Greta’s honor President Trump tweeted a sarcastic tweet. The attack on Greta shows the stigma that autistic girls face.

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  1. says: Denise M Nobs

    thinking outside the box? Everything she said was scripted by the globalists. she was just a prop. Our community should be outraged that one of our own was exploited in this manner.

      1. says: Denise

        Unfortunately you’ve replied with an opinion. Having worked with students with autism and others w intellectual disabilities I can attest that this child has been propped by her movie starlet mother and sent to the United Nations in a 6 million dollar yacht by new world order globalists. Not hearing it.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! Anne Borden King runs a local Toronto chapter of ASAN called Autistics 4 Autistics. I am quite familiar with her work. Greta Thunberg reminds me of myself in many ways. Her presence makes me proud to be autistic. I love how she turned around Trump’s tweet and made it her own!

    1. says: Michael Burns

      She was rude — regardless of what you or I think of Trump. She had never met him or spoke to him, but like yourself knee jerked vagally to anti trump rhetoric.

      This poster child a manufactured by big money, very big money, and a UN that seeks even more power over humans.

      An agenda that homogenizes the globe into one big cheese glob, rather than a world of individuals.
      This is a matter of Autism and feminism rolled into one…but is there any truth to her plight? None at all.

      So if we are talking about a young woman and her autism then this particular young woman is being abused for an agenda.

  3. says: Michael Burns

    This a terrible story. A painful story. A story of deceit and manipulation and lies. The story of the creation of a poster child for government and institutional thief of public money, and taxes. A child used by wicked people to propagandize an agenda of control and energy capital.

    This young woman is deceived and manipulated by her handlers. Money — a great deal of money is being made by those in control of this bit of theatrics. Greta is veiled under a mask of importance succor for a soul in strife and in pain. Is the world being polluted yes, is an apocalypse at hand because of CO2– no.

    The ‘mate crimes’ going on here is because of her naivete, her autism (Asperger’s Syndrome) and the masking of her self importance mismanagement of her personal difference in a world of neurotypicals, and a system that is driving for a specific economy, which really excludes developing nations and ushers in energy Socialism.

    And all those government players — world-wide —  are in for as large a share as possible from $4,000,000,000,000, yes, that’s 4 trillion dollars annually from carbon taxes — a precious life gas that is vital to life on earth, that is plant fertilizer and extemely dangerous if the deficit we are in drops lower than the present — and when researched and understood from a point of knowledge and ctitical thought, one will find that the planet is in a cooling heading towards anothet ice age, after this rather short interglacial period we are presently in.

    We are in fact in a carbon deficit.

    And the increased cost of doing business in this highly propagandized climate paradigm we all find ourselves in… Greta’s ignorance of what is really happening to the climate is both pitiful and a shame to autism. If we stand by as a community ; a group a neurotype that is different than the greater population, we are guilty  of a mate crime allowing this public and institutional abuse of this young woman — and it is not fully her fault. I am both angry and I feel sorry for her being misled.

    The dissonance of emotion that I experience on this particular issue, is frustrating as I feel for her deeply as autist, but am deeply angered because she is allowed to vagally meltdown publicly in front of world leaders. Her vagus response to difficulty and public meetings, the caricature of a autistic human in peril is embarrasing to see her paraded so..

    As autistics we are not incapable of mature and polite manners when meeting others that we do not agree with politically. When we deal with overstimulus or personal eccentricities that might give entertainment to those of the lowest common denominator.

    To make a long story short, a cold Solar Cycle 24 — the coldest in a century and possibly heading towards the coldest in 200 years, is placing the planet in a position of decreased solar activity, a magnetic reversal and an extremely low solar wind and increased weather regionally and a influx of Cosmic rays; a shortening growing season in many Northern areas —  all of  which is moving the earth into a cooler climate. And in fact we are in a Co2 deficit. The planet could easily use 800 ppmv of Co2 presently. Co2 does not effect temperature — it lags it, and the only reason Carbon is used as a culprit is because it can be traced to humans. Therefor it can be taxed and controlled. Carbon guilt can be applied to stifling third world industrial and technological success.

    I as, an Asperger’s person, have studied the weather, climate and the Sun for well on twenty years. I have been obsessive about that learning and know that this situation is a disgrace to autism and Asperger’s people. I can see from the patterns of climate IPCC science (sic), which is mainly based on ideas and data manipulation; climate models; economics and the politics of globalism where this heading us too.

    Weather is not climate. That’s a  fact…

    Greta Thunberg is being manipulated by her environmentalist and fame seeking  parents; the UN; the media; and an ignorant consensus that does not know what it is talking about — this is a highly political subject and more than likely will be the focus of the next election in the US,  and I consider this very low of those who manipulate Greta — as environmentalism is closer to a cult; a religion, rather than the real science and the movement towards truth.

    Greta, spouts lies and untruths about weather data, in the end, she is headed for a great fall, or deep disillusionment. we are are witnessing a tragedy on the world stage of epic proportions.

    For anyone who cares about truth

    …or what the real science is, that knowledge that can be gained by the study of the subject in hand, intently.

    The website What’sUpWithThat (WUWT) — which is a valuable resource for imfomation, science and links to the truth.

    I would suggest one educates themselves on the manufacturer of Greta Thunberg

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