My Experience at the California Museum

Syance at the California Museum

I am Syance and I would like to say that my experience at the California State Museum in Sacramento was a blessing and a miracle because I almost did not get to go.  When I received the email, which confirmed that the people in charge of the museum chose my artwork to be a part of this installation I was ecstatic—to the point in which I did a victory lap around the house while praising God. 

Next, I had to work on getting to the museum, which was also fun because I was able to spend time with my family on the way to and from Sacramento versus going by myself and ending up sad. 

Finally, when my family and I arrived at the museum, I realized that my artwork is in the State Capital Museum! I was extremely excited and I was smiling the entire time.  I was ready to socialize and connect with everybody who came.  Also, I definitely wanted to speak when Mrs. Muzikar offered me the opportunity to do so.  So, when it was my turn to speak, I decided to interact with the audience by walking away from the podium and towards the audience and telling them that they and their children have to focus on their abilities rather than their disabilities.  When everybody else and I were finished with our speeches, everybody was running up to me and saying that they liked my speech and offering me various opportunities to speak publicly at various programs.  

I would like to thank God, Ms. Keri Bowers, Mrs. Debra Muzikar and everybody else who has allowed my artwork to be a part of this installation.


Syance Wilson’s art is part of an exhibit titled Art & Advocacy TBD at the California Museum through Sept. 17. TBD is a new exhibit of orginal works by California artists with developmental disabilities. Presented in partnership with the California Disability Community Action Network (CDCAN), Choices Person Centered Services, Clararty Arts and the Art of Autism the exhibit challenges assumptions about people with developmental disabilities.

Syance Wilson "Randimosity"
Syance Wilson “Randomocity”
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