Emma Foster: What I Felt After Being Diagnosed at 20 and Other Poems

Emma Foster

What I Felt After Being Diagnosed at 20




And soft,


Clear waves

Of starry




Like iron

On trees,



Wavering gold

By a few simple words.

After My Diagnosis: A Journey

My heart and my brain

Now grow in unison,

Thinking as one, and wondering

Where to go from there

After leaving the psychiatrist’s office.

My soul and my mouth

Both ask the same questions,

Asking why I didn’t know sooner.

And can I finally stop fighting

After finding answers I didn’t consider?

My lungs and my eyes

Must handle the new life in front of me.

They force me breathing, searching

For the next step to take,

Knowing I’ve got a powerful life to live.

My feet and my hands

Keep building and working

Because I’ve only just begun,

Climbing visceral mountains

With each day that I’m given.

Emma Foster

Emma Foster is a recent college graduate, writer, and poet from Florida. She was diagnosed with Asperger’s at 20 years old, but in her opinion it wasn’t a late diagnosis. She spends her time writing, reading, and learning as much as she can on different topics that inspire her.

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