Autistic Model Creator has a Mind Like a 3-D Printer

Aaron with one of his models

My mind works like a 3-D Printer; from drawing precise parts out, to cutting them out, to fusing the model pieces together.

By Aaron Bouma

Creativity has always been in my blood.

I was fascinated with the military and military history when I was young. I started building models back in 2004 when I was 15. The models I built then were very rudimentary.

I was refused active service in the Canadian Armed Forces, so I decided to develop an operation serving as military historian, specialist for the Carleton County area.

Since 2007, I have been giving presentations to local schools on war history from WWI, II and onward as well as modern conflicts.

My model building has continued through my adult life. As I’ve gotten older my models have become more sophisticated.

model plane

In 2015, I started my own business: BOUMA Woodworks.

I’ve used my scratch building skills to build models, from originally military firearms, to tanks, aircraft, armored vehicles and beyond, as well as furniture.

model planes

Today BOUMA Woodworks has become a thriving business. Currently I am working on my largest contract yet. It is with the Department of National Defense of the Canadian Government to build aircraft and helicopter models.

How do I build them?

By looking at pictures, each one from different angles. My mind works like a 3D Printer; from drawing precise parts out, to cutting them out, to fusing the model pieces together. A person can order whatever they would like to have.


As well as business and military, I do a number of other things such as fitness, public speaking about autism and as an advocate, to martial arts and being involved in politics.

Building a career from passion is like waking up to comfort. Being proactive about it and following your passion is something most neurotypical people have more trouble doing.

model plane

My advice to others.

1. Don’t be afraid to make sacrifices if it is something you really want to do.

2. Happiness come first.

3. If you’re passionate about something like I am you will become adept at it if you focus enough time and energy on your passion.

4. Save money and compartmentalize what you can and shouldn’t spend. That will help you in the long run.

5. Following your passion will give you confidence. Confidence will help with your push forward through uncomfortable or difficult situations.


I was born in Woodstock NB Canada, I was diagnosed with Autism at 3 and Aspergers at 12. My business page is on Facebook as well as Instagram.

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