All People Deserve Acceptance. Love, and Self-care: #AutismPositivity2015

By Debra Muzikar

The Art of Autism along with many fellow bloggers around the world is celebrating Autism Positivity today through the Autism Positivity Flash Blog.


Many autistic people are participating in the #Walkinred campaign. #ActuallyAutistic people and their friends are encouraged to take selfies in red shoes.


This Sunday at USC IGM Art Gallery I’m moderating a Neurodiversity panel. I hope all in the Los Angeles area will come out for this event. Not only is there going to be great art and insights, we make new friends at these events. We also demystify autism and other neurodiversities.

Last month Kevin, Kurt and I were grateful to participate in the 2015 Covina Autism Chalk Art Festival. This event was started five years ago by Kelly Green and continues to grow and get better each year. We need more of these acceptance events across the globe!

The Art of Autism looks forward to continued collaborations; going beyond awareness to acceptance; and changing the way we educate, relate to and include autistic people. The Autism Unveiled Project is 90 blogs of autistic people in their own words. We must learn to open our ears and our hearts and listen to what they are saying.

A recent study came out that gives scientific proof that exposing kids to art makes a difference. We must change how we educate children. We must replace our tunnel vision with wide-framed visioning which includes all.

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