Tito: #Autism is my destiny

Autism Unveiled Week 1, Day 1


Autism is as natural to me as Typicalism to others. So there is no self judgement whether it feels good or bad, right or wrong, angry or bliss. Let the experts do their jobs about judging and I continue to live. I cannot be their general manager to tell them what or how they must think.

Autism is my destiny. Destiny is to seek – not to fight against. We may call the same word ‘destiny’ as ‘luck’ or ‘fate’. If autism is my path, let me walk it well, let me understand my life walking my path.

There is a saying – ‘Fate leads the willing and drags the unwilling.’

I’d rather be led by it and not be dragged. Autism is not my foe. And I am not sure whether I want to walk the Typicalism pathway any more.

About being referred to – autistic or person with autism, I don’t care. Won’t make any difference in how I see or think. Either is good as good as east, as good as west. Earth faces all directions.

I am not the spokesperson for others with autism or other autistic people. They have their rights to resist the inside and resist the outside, the word or the world.

Doesn’t matter.

3/17/2015 Tito’s Facebook post.

Autism is simple to explain.

It can be just a matter of un mattering the whole of human kind!

Autisticated world is explained through statistics. In statistics, the matter of counting counts. First, all the people of the world were counted, including people from Namibia, Congo and tribal Mongolia. Next, every autistic head was isolated from heads that matter, un matter subtracted from the total calculation. Next a statistical formula was used.

Then they freaked out! And then they scared the unborn child.

‘Beware beware
One out of eighty eight!’
Or eighty eight out of something, or something of eighty eight or I am getting confused because eighty eight looks like two giant infinity to me: heads down, body hanging up, no legs to run.

‘And there will be worse.’ That wasn’t any oracle talking!

What else can matter towards social incorrectness if not autism?

Autism is explained through social in-correctness. Ask the psychologist! She will have the list of autistic traits telling you the details – A kind of social inertia, a kind of social hollowness, cogitated by public as ‘strange’, symbolised by a famous art-work like the puzzle piece or lighting up the famous blue light of April, as if there wasn’t enough blue in the sky.

Ask anybody who will ‘walk on April’. They will explain it all!

And the logic is simple.

‘Blue sky maybe beautiful but lighting the tall buildings blue is autism-awareness.’

Talk about other matters – unmattered intellect and consciousness within its puzzle brain; talk about ‘theory of mind’, talk about a spectrum of explanations – all can be found in the famous research papers funded by the yearly walkathons and runnathons and singathons, not to forget those ausome-ism adorations on the other end of the explanation spectrum of Autistication.

Scientists are very important here. They will research and tell you in those conferences what can be explained. Ratio of grey and white matter, gluten and under gluten, immunisation and non-immunisation! If they cannot explain something, then it doesn’t matter.

It remains un mattered, which is the core point of my talk.

But I am not talking here because talking isn’t happening through my voice. Voice is just a matter of sound waves in air. Ask the fourth grade science teacher.

How much of talkative tongue will matter in the un mattered empty spaces surrounding the matter of earth? There is the unfamiliarity in that un mattered space in whose womb lie all matter, including the vocal sounds of speech, including our social pride.

That makes it simple to explain.

Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay, Texas

Tito likes to write because “expression comes better in writing than in words. One cannot edit a spoken word but can edit a written word.” His books include How Can I Talk if my Lips Don’t Move: Inside My Autistic Mind, The Gold of the Sunbeams: And Other Stories, The Mind Tree: A Miraculous Child Breaks the Silence of Autism.

Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay is part of the Autism Unveiled Project – Six weeks culminating on World Autism Day, April 2, 2015. “If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.” Dr. Stephen Mark Shore.

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  1. says: Cameron

    I love your words Tito. There is a sort of rhythm and pacing about this post that is both smooth and and disjointed at once. A wonderful freedom of language and understanding. An interest in describing without becoming untrue to your unique way of description. Like watching a handful of beautiful round and square-shaped marbles make their way down a gravel sunset hill.

    I appreciate the way you talk about destiny and fate with destiny being something to not fight against and fate being something that can lead or drag based on the (what I would call) receiver of that fate and/or destiny. Very simple and sharp awareness man.

    Thank you for writing, posting, and publishing.

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