The Art of Autism Mentorship Project – a new way for kids to cultivate their inner artist

All kids should have a safe place to express themselves through art. SO many parents we know are always looking for new ways to nurture their kids’ interests, talents and skills.

We are very excited to announce The Art Of Autism Mentorship Project. An opportunity for kids on the autism spectrum to express themselves through all kinds of art, amongst like-minded peers, supported by professional artists from all over the world.

We are partnering with Squag ™ to bring all of this together through interactive, creative expression at no cost to participants.

Squag ™ {skwag} is a visual communication tool for kids to self-reflect and explore their concepts of self, encouraging them to dive deep into their interests, and develop their inner dialogue.

How does it work?
1) Sign up
2) Starting in June our mentors in residence will send you an email at least once a month, detailing an art challenge for your child.
3) Kids noodle around in their Squagpads™, create their art and post their submissions into the private SquagSocial space.
4) Our mentors and curators will take questions from you and your kids all summer long!
5) Kids will have a chance to get input from our artists, and be inspired by work that other kids are creating across the country!
6) Throughout the summer, we will select submissions to highlight on our social media and website. Kids will get the encouragement and boost they need to continue to develop their talent and skills.
7) At the end of the summer, we will be excited to hear feedback from you and your kids about the experience.

Please spread the word! The more young artists we reach with this project, the more exciting it will be for all of the kids involved.


Art of Autism artists if you would like to join our mentors, please email us a bio at and we will add you to our list.

Mentors will email their assigned kid or kids – projects each month for them to complete. Here are some of our mentors:

keri 2015 headshot 1 Keri Bowers, co-founder of the Art of Autism, parent, film maker, artist and art instructor. Keri has many years experience working with children developing creative projects and curriculum.


JoelAnderson Joel Anderson of Joels Vision Arts is an animator, artist, philanthropist, public speaker, and author. Joel has spoken to thousands of students across the country about autism. His passion is to educate other’s about autism so kids on the spectrum will be accepted. Joel is very excited to be a mentor artist for this project.


CarolAnnEdscornCarolAnn Edscorn is a mom, an artist, an educator, and on the ASD spectrum herself. She has a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in the performing arts–acting and directing for the theater and a Master’s Degree in Urban Affairs Management and Public Policy Analysis with a focus on Education and Health Issues.


AprilDawnApril Dawn Griffin is an artist, a business woman, and a single parent on the autism spectrum who resides in Nipawin, Saskatchewan.



JATanheadshotJ.A. Tan is an artist and a black-belt in Tae Kwon Do. Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, he completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design (Class of 2010) in Vancouver, Canada. He resides in Vancouver. His website is

Luis Tirado is a fifteen-year old entrepreneur on a mission to be independent and help others on the ASD Spectrum. Luis is a musician, an artist and an advocate for people on the ASD spectrum. Luis is fluent in Spanish and Italian. His website is EpicLuisArt

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  1. says: Anna

    This sounds like a wonderful project! I am interested for my child, but do I have to provide credit card info in order to sign up? I tried to register using the free offer code, but my form could not be accepted as the credit card info fields were blank.

  2. says: Diana

    As you know, there is often quite a difference between the chronological age and developmental age of a person with autism. That being said, does the mentorship project apply to adults (18 and over)? My 18-year-old son would love to be a part of this.

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