9-year-old autistic girl shares storybook she wrote and illustrated

Nine-year-old Thomais wrote and illustrated her own book, “The Story Of Thomias” (www.autismhappykingdom.com), proving that a little girl on the autism spectrum can express deep emotions. Yadira, Thomais’ mom and Thomais want to show other children with autism that they are not alone and can express their emotions too. Yadira says the main reason her daughter created the book was for Thomais to create “her own understanding of the separation of her family. Her art and every detail to her book has significant meaning to her. It is how she interprets what she’s heard, what she understands and how she understands it.”

Yadira continues, “Children with autism need to be reaffirmed that their voices are powerful, and their emotions must be shared in many different ways.” Yadira and Thomais wish to share with Art of Autism readers, Thomais’ story about love, life, and allowing an autistic child to thrive.

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This is Thomais. This is the Real Story of Her

To read more about The Story of Thomais go here. The book is also in Spanish here.


Thomais was born in Athens, Greece in 2008. She was developing like any other kid. At 36 months she experienced a regression and was diagnosed with autism. She loves all details about the Titanic, dinosaurs, whales and at times she believes she’s an encyclopedia. She loves to share what she’s learned. Dyslexia has challenged Thomais and thanks to Mrs. Katie, an incredible tutor, she learned to read and write full sentences between 2016-2017 — at 8 yrs old!

She is beyond thrilled with the greater discoveries she is making.

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