R.K. Sameer

Part, Not Whole

By R.K. Sameer

If you can find your voice
When apraxic silence confines you,
And spell your woes and joys
In a timeless tale told anew;

If you can find your stride
When wobbly legs won’t run,
And fly on the wings of pride
In a sky of thoughts undone;

If you can listen and understand
Even when your body won’t still,
And wave a magic wand
At the sea of sensory shrill;

If you can ignore those
Whose sour looks sting unkind,
And relate to the ones who chose
To focus on your mind;

If you know deep inside
Struggle is a stranger to none,
Lay roots, but do not hide,
Grow tall in your place under the sun;

If you remember you are you first
And autism is a part, not whole,
You will quench your thirst
For a fulfilled, joyous soul.


R.K. Sameer is 14, autistic, and types to communicate. He enjoys reading, writing, and day dreaming in his garden. He hopes to educate others about autism. He resides in California.