James W. Cook

James W. Cook is an artist, poet, and writer from Sudbury, Canada.

James W. Cook "Blanche River at Swatiska Ontario"


That small town life so topsy turvy
So many doubles like Hurry No Hurry
Upholding strange ways, an eye foran eye
That school that ended with an “I”
What might have been, what might have shone
They never would have known
Right word, right line I couldn’t find
And babe, really it wasn’t time

That life at school so topsy turvy
Conform to the “norm” or else you were scurvy
Confusion, runaround, emotional contortions
I couldn’t trust my own intuition
But you knew what you were seeing
Although I had hurt your feelings
And you’d never done any crime
But babe, really it wasn’t time

The times and the things I had outgrown
Its name and its face, it had been revealed
And now it all seemed not such a big deal
But way back then it was unknown
And if I’d known then as I now know
I’m sure I’d have put on a better show
Right word, right line I might have found
And I would have danced with you in that pretty gown

A flash, a memory, and it wasn’t a dream
From out of the page the headline screamed
About your spirit having flown
What might have been, what might have shone
I guess we’ll never really know
I will carry your torch, and may your light shine
And I will live hard, live fast, and partake of the wine
And then, babe, we will have our time

© James W. Cook, 2013

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