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Artist J.A. Tan talks about his Inside/Out Art Installation (his experience of autism) and presents a beautiful poem he wrote 7 years ago at the Vancouver Convention.  J.A. wrote this poem in 2006 after his move from The Phillipines to Canada to attend Emily Carr University. His mom, Marie, plucked it out of the trash can. We had many requests for his poem after his presentation.

“I give you my hands
Some filled with joy
Some filled with ache
The weight on my mind
On my shoulders
Keeps me grounded.
I want to fly when I dream
Of the possibilities
When I see the future
The potential actualized
I burst from elation
My sweet realization
This is the significance
I have searched an eternity for
I am revealing my core
Knowing we will all be connected
Indulge me this pleasure
Allow my exposure to be
As part of your soul.”

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