Brian Bernard

Dark n Purply Passion

Dark n Purply Passions sent me through..
WhaZis ?  Sum kinda forest ?
Findin I never knew what I thought I knew
Came through worlds as I goest

I’m walkin @ bottom ground
mossy n
Violet Love clouds feed
lettin billows of purples coming  down

VROMPing along to sum Muppet song
Then like some Sesame Street Oscar’s happyness
Purpled billowy pillow-y dusk sky
lulls me though a walking rest

ezh a Tree things r scratch-ed, hatched.
S Zat ?        Light up ahead
Been yellow-y thatched n
I wuz wondrun where it led.

Can tell I like it playful
But am leery of the game
Lost in here at hide n seek
But I neva knew ur name

Galumpfing here as I go
s  a  path already bean ?
Kinda feel I ain’t alone,
walkin a Sel Silverstein
Dr Seuss’ trailings  – To a zhamblin jamboree.

Huh ?  ..I think I see
Grief, is that Barney s up ahead goin on !
There back a ways in distance
By the yellow faded – yon

Ever knowin.. (thump glump)
See even where I’m goin
Guess don’t matter ta me
n myself out n here n showin

How got here’s not important
Neither is getting out
Purple Passion in the Forrest
S’ got me spleevin all about

Shufflin on sum melody.
Glump’n like sum thun’s askin
Past a stump a way.
Made a thump one day
out sum dark and purply     forest         passion

Copyright Brian Bernard


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