Ashley C. Smith


sharp serenity, to fall on one’s own sword

distance as the pain runs deep, trying to move forwardsoftness in the touch of fate, the one that could not be

closest are the one’s still there, tender vibes still creep

bitter sweet irony in the wind, whispers of a shadow of a doubt

it’s still there

being one with all that’s here, breathing heavy a feat

caring thorough and being there, watching things yet go

change is but infinate, so how do we yet grow

with every step like the last, where does this shadow lead

the pathway that lay infront of us, clouded by our fears

will it be or not to see the day that love is bliss

night turns cold and grass is damp, wishing for that kiss

memorie’s as still as ice, frozen in the day

how can we allow this, how do we melt our way

when all alone and driven hard, how not to push away

the chance is gone, the moment lost and all that seemed to be

forever in this moment, in crystal ice memories

be gone with all that once yet was

to see them rush away

forever in this memory, for it is here to stay!

Ashley C Smith Photograph
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