Amanda LaMunyon

Amanda LaMunyon is a talented artist, poet, and performer. She wrote “A Little Secret” when she was only 11 in 2006.





Amanda LaMunyon

She looks like any other girl
But she has a secret
You might never suspect.
Lots of things bother her.

In her clothes, a little tag might feel like sand paper.
Food needs to taste just right
or she won’t eat.
She thinks she can’t go a week without ice cream.

Noise and movement are confusing.
It makes her want to run or say be quiet.
Light is a hundred times brighter to her.
Oh, what a world she lives in.

Some say she is a little professor.
But you might not be interested in what she has to say.
She might start talking about Ancient Egypt or something else
And you won’t have a clue what she is talking about.

She would never hurt anyone’s feelings
But sometimes she does and she doesn’t even know it.

What is this little secret?
Asperger’s Syndrome,
A high-functioning form of autism.
I know because I have it.

Many are suspected of having it, Einstein, Michelangelo.

1 out of every 110 children will be diagnosed with autism this year.

Some say its a disability
But, I am a girl with dreams.
I will take what God has given meAlong with the challenge and use it
To fulfill the purpose God has for me.
Psalms 139: 13 & 14 says:
For You created my inmost being:
You knit me together in my mother’s womb,
I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Your works are wonderful,I know that full well,
I give this challenge to you: if you know someone a little different,
Look for something good.
It will be there.
For it may be a little secret waiting to be told,
A dream waiting to unfold.

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