Patricia Dy

Reality of a new world

Looking from an inside world
Makes emerge from a deep world
Hiding behind the reality of being
Hides a huge desire to offer to the cortege

Makes me discover the reality of a spirit that is distinct
Confused through its shape
Moulds a carcass of instinct
Wants a multi-shaped awareness to take shape

Looking from an inside world
Emerges the accomplish
ment of awakening
Heavy sensitivity to the world
A wonderful universe is hiding

Asperger’s autistic woman

“What is better to define yourself than what people say about you? People say I am generous, but short-fused; smiling, but not very empathetic, and so on. I am an Asperger woman, that is all you see and its opposite. I tell you that I am a knowledgeable autodidact in specific areas: anti-ageing medicine, brain function, beings and their pathologies, and autism. When I am asked a question, my brain switches to continuing research mode, operating with algorithms, and I get the answer!”

Patricia has been a school adjustment intervenor at John F. Kennedy School since 2004. She also was the director of a respite home, and she contributed as a volunteer to implement a day program in Miriam Home and Services. She received the Lieutenant Governor’s Medal in 2002 for her social and community commitment.

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