Michael Miller and son Jonathan: ABC Persons of the Week #PersonoftheWeek #Aspergers

Congratulations to Michael Miller and his son Jonathan ABC Persons of the Week. See the story here. ‘TOYS ACROSS AMERICA’: There have been thousands of surprise packages landing on doorstops across America– you may think it’s the holiday season, but these gifts are coming from a special father-son team — and they’re being delivered to over 5,000 children in 50 states who are on the autism spectrum. David Muir reports ‪#‎PersonOfTheWeek‬

Michael submitted to the Art of Autism Autism Unveiled Project in 2015.

I am self diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. My son Jonathan is 12 and he is officially diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome as well. Through my son’s diagnosis is how I came to realize I too have lived with this diagnosis my whole life and learning about Asperger’s has helped me realize yes I am different but not wrong. My pen-name is Autism Santa.

Who I Am

by Autism Santa

I want the world to know me.
For exactly who I am.
Even all my family.
Including Uncle Sam.

I am not just a name.
Or a fancy Stat.
Yes I’m not the same.
But a person I am that.

So look a little deeper.
Inside is where I hide.
No I’m not a creeper.
It’s hard to confide.

I don’t like too much noise.
Or in a crowded place.
I may lack a little poise.
But I’ll tell you to your face.

Acceptance must be shown.
From you and Uncle Sam
I want the world to know me.
For exactly “Who I am”.

Different but the Same

by Autism Santa

All our kids are different.
Yet so many are the same.
Living on the Spectrum.
Only need to change the name.

Maybe that is why.
As parents we relate.
The worries of a mom.
The anxiety of her mate.

We need an “Autism Bible”.
That has what we so seek.
The answers to our questions.
That’s not scribed in Greek.

We all can tell our story.
Each one a different name.
Living on the Spectrum.
It’s “Different but the Same”.

Spectrum within a Spectrum

by Autism Santa

Autism has no gender, it has no race.
You can’t touch it, in a person’s face.
Autism has no hint, no feel, no paste.
You can’t touch it, in a person’s waist.

Autism has no time, it has no date
You can’t see it, in a person’s gait.
Autism has no size, no shape, no fit.
You can’t see it, in a person’s wit.

Autism has no reason, it has no rhyme.
You can’t hear it, in a person’s chime.
Autism has no ground, no lift, no sky.
You can’t hear it, in a person’s cry.

Autism has no style, it has no mood.
You can’t taste it, in a person’s food.
Autism has no color, no sheer, no shine.
You can’t taste it, in a person’s wine.

Autism has no look, it has no dent.
You can’t smell it, in a person’s scent.
Autism has no words, no phrase, no poem.
You can’t smell it, in a person’s home.

Michael Miller, Massachusetts

Michael’s facebook page is www.facebook.com/pages/Poems-by-Autism-Santa

You can visit the page he has with his son and learn how he came to be known as Autism Santa.

Michael is part of a six-week advocacy project Autism Unveiled Project commencing on April 2, 2015, World Autism Awareness Day

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