Marie Faverio

Autistic Pride ©

You avert your eyes
because I am different,
unable to see the goodness in me,
the radiance in the flower’s womb.

You avert your glance
for convenience,
perfected in indolence,
the quick comfort of unconcern.

My awareness makes you feel
ill at ease –
I am something you don’t understand,
a villain of reason,
an outcast of the mind.

You want accessible bliss,
here and now,
the naked heaven of indifference.
And yet I have so much
to give,
if only you could understand.

My soul is brimming with love
I cannot express,
it is flushed with sun
masqueraded as darkness.

I feel, but in a different way;
I care, but not like you.
There is light in the bosom of silence,
in my introspective exile
far from convention’s code.

But you avert your eyes
and go your way
without turning back.
If only you could understand.

Marie Faverio shares her musings, her poetry and her art on her website – Welcome to Marie’s World. Marie is an Aussie advocate/activist for autism (in particular for Asperger’s Syndrome), and an aspie herself. She lives with her handsome cockatiel about 90 km south of Sydney (very close to the beach). Apart from creating (her obsession), she loves nature, solitude and helping others.

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  1. says: Francis DiDonato

    I am starting a podcast about revisioning Utopia. I would like to speak with folks from the autism direction. please email me if interested.

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