Jeremy Sicile-Kira iPad Art Descriptions

Jeremy Sicile-Kira participated in the Art of Autism and Apple 2020 Created on iPad Project. These are the descriptions that go with his creations.

By Jeremy Sicile-Kira

I have autism and synesthesia. Synesthesia means that my senses are greatly mixed. I truly do not see the emotions on people’s dear faces, but I see their emotions translated into color. Hearing their voices or music elicits colors as well. When I dream, I am processing what I have seen and heard when I am awake. Frankly I kindly read people’s emotions and translate them in my dreams into glorious paintings, realizing each person’s true self. Frankly, I hope that by seeing their colors painted, my clients will greatly feel and realize that they are beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. I greatly hope that I make a difference in the world with my art. I frankly hope my paintings inspire only the good in people. For visitors to my art studio and shows, I hope they feel the love I have, and respect I have, for each person, place, or piece of music that I paint.

(Four of the paintings were inspired by the coronavirus times we live in now. See descriptions below)

Jeremy Sicile-Kira Isolation is Not Lonesome But Hopeful

April 1, 2020 Isolation is Not Lonesome, but Hopeful

Greatly justly the world needs to start taking the world epidemic more seriously. Kindly there are millions of people that are still in denial but the worst is still yet to come. Frankly the epidemic is a global issue. The effects have a great magnitude not only on our health but the worldwide economy is in big trouble. Nicely there is blue for the knowledge of the doctors and nurses who continue to work around the clock for a cure and to continuously give the public updated information as it constantly is changing by the minute. Frankly the color red is everywhere for the stress and anxiety that many are feeling. Lovely purple is around for all of the leaders who are leading by example and staying home. Brilliant yellow will once again make a comeback when the epidemic is over and the people of the world will be happy once again. Nicely green is present when the uncertainty is gone. Justly there is black for the many deaths this epidemic has claimed. Beautiful gold and silver from up above are present.

Jeremy Sicile-Kira The Wonderful Colors of a Healed Planet

3/31/2020 – The Wonderful Colors of a Healed Planet.

Truly I dreamt the beautiful colors of a healthy place we call earth. Frankly truly great blue was visible in every corner of the home we all share. Hearing the strong ocean waves reminded individuals of the strength they can find within themselves. Frankly green was equally abundant from forests and jungles living once again. Indigo connected everyone as they sheltered in place. Dark red represents the fear of a virus that infected the world. Beautiful lavender was the hope in everyone’s mind during a world crisis. Frankly earth will heal in time for bright yellow will spread to everyone as they joyfully celebrate the new unity we all share. Turquoise was present for returning to a safe life without fear of the unknown. Dear gold and silver are present for God staying in our hearts and his love shining down on us.

Jeremy Sicile-Kira Staying Hopeful

Staying Hopeful (blogpost)
Mach 31, 2020

Jeremy Sicile-Kira "Truly Nicely The Fear Will Pass

March 18, 2020
Truly Nicely the Fear Will Pass

Greatly truly I am feeling the public’s fear and uncertainty that is going on with the Coronavirus. Dearly I am seeing the color red, for anxiety wherever I go. Greatly the fear and panic is real. Frankly it will get worse before it gets better. Justly I see black for this worldwide epidemic. Nicely there is dark blue (indigo) as the doctors, nurses, and scientists gain more knowledge on each specific case. Pretty lavender and purple are present for the world coming together in unity and helping out those in need. Kindly nice green will replace all of the red when the epidemic is over and the people are calmer. Greatly bright yellow will fill the canvas when normalcy restores and people are once again happy. Very much gold and silver from above are dearly present.

Jeremy Sicile-Kira The Wonderful Colors of a Healed PlanetTruly Tough Conversations

Truly Tough Conversations

Truly in my life I have had to have difficult conversations about things that have happened to me. Really I had to be brave to stand up to bad things that happened to me. Greatly my mom taught me that my feelings matter. Truly my life is dependent upon the kindness of others. Truly nice support staff must take care of our physical body and feelings.

Jeremy Sicile-Kira "The Beautiful Colors of My Friend Matt"

The Beautiful colors of my friend Matt

Truly my friend Matt is the best. Truly Matt is my very nice support person and he has overcome many difficult moments in his life, and I see that in his colors. Believing in his ideas he has become first a great music producer and now a great tattoo artist. Truly Matt is my good; basically he is family to me.

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