How online tests helped me get an autism diagnosis


I’m Margaux. I was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.

Growing up, I loved to read books, write and make art. I still write and make art to this day, but just not as much reading books. I feel like my attention span is a lot worse than it ever was.

I remember really struggling with the idea that I’d have to go to school and be around a bunch of kids who would constantly ask me questions like “Why are you so weird?” “Why are you so different?”  I never understood why and they never could explain it either.

Fast forward to age 28. I had recalled someone online, saying that I might be autistic or have Aspergers. I couldn’t figure out why they made this comment. Were they trying to be mean or trying to be helpful? I started to obsess and grow increasingly anxious.

I didn’t understand.

I started doing a lot of online quizzes. I know, they always remind you that they are not in place of any medical advice or that they don’t replace doctors and yet I still figured I’d give it a shot. Well, low-and-behold, I was above 95%. This forced me to reflect on my life I had experienced up until that point. Everything was starting to come together.

I told one of my doctors that I believed I was on the Autism spectrum. She didn’t believe me! She made a strange look and it prompted a sense of defeat that overcame my entire body. I felt sick.

I decided to see another doctor. He previously had me complete t a form to rate my levels of anxiety. I figured if he found validity in those kind of quizzes that it would be worthwhile for me to show him my results from the online autism tests I completed. Recently I actually drew something that conveys my hyper-awareness & anxiety all at the very same time.

Retrophiliac Anxiety

Well, it worked. Fortunately enough I had found the name of a university doctor who was the only one in the area who would give adults the proper tests for Autism. I was given a referral and waited 6 months.

Needless to say, I got my diagnosis and the answers I needed to better understand myself. I’m 30 years old now and I am involved in activism on behalf of my #ActuallyAutistic community. I can be a voice for those I care so deeply about; my peers, my brothers and sisters – some of the only people who can relate to me. That is a true gift.

I spend a lot of my free time making videos, writing blogs and I make art. I love to have various visual outlets. The ability to create is a true passion of mine. My videos and my blog consist of my Autistic experiences and activism, product reviews, arts and crafts and my cats.

My art, which I create under the pseudonym “Retrophiliac”,  is primarily paint markers on canvas board. I am self-taught and I find a lot of inspiration in the 60’s and 70’s. The music, the culture and of course, the psychedelic colours.

If you’re at all interested in connecting with me visit my website

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Retrophiliac collage

Art collage by Retrophiliac

The Art of Autism realizes many people come to our website with the questions Do I have Autism or Do I have Aspergers. We recommend diagnosis by a professional. There are a couple of popular online quizzes which will give you an indication if you are on the spectrum including the Aspie Quiz. And the Autism Spectrum Quotient online test

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