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  • I have a friend whose daughter is autistic and has a talent for art particularly pen and ink character drawings ..Is there some where she can possibly send her work to see if it can be used in some medium .She is soon to leave the Orpheus Centre and is also a talented singer .I would like to pass on any information which may be helpful as her Mother is concerned corner future .
    Mary Zenthon

  • Hi my name is Georgina I have autizum intellectual disability but I just love to draw and write when the doctor told me that my daughter had downsyndrome at 6months into my pregnancy it was hard then she passed away at birth I thought I couldn’t live anymore then they dignized me with mild intellectual disability so I stared to write my stories about mental health and people with mental health issues it became and obsession to write my letters to God and I love art since I met kiestine my amazing art teacher she has taught me various types of art my 2favorite are sewing and embroidery recently I found etch art I’m so thankful for my teachers and art therapy classes in a v good etch artist and rock painting is my vafieite I have many rocks I could show you my rocks if you would like
    Yours sincerely

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