Monologues, Comics, Poets

MONOLOGUES / COMEDY / POETS (Live performers)

Joel Anderson, monologue

David Archer, poet / reading

Brian Bernard, poet / reading / actor

Keri Bowers, monologue, puppets

Dani Bowman, monologue

Esther Brokaw, monologue

Justin Canha & Briant Canha, monlogue

Charlie Cohen, comedy

Taylor Cross, monologue

Eustacia Cutler, monologue

Ryan Delgado, Shakespere

Marci Deustch, monologue

Sydney Edmond, poetry

Amy Gravino, monologue

Elaine Hall / The Miracle Project, monologue

Diane Isaacs / The Miracle Project, monologue

Kelly LeBrock, monologue

Nicole Nicholson, poetry

Alex Plank / Wrong Planet, monologue, comedy

Chris Robbins, poet / reading

Steven Selpal, monologue

Stephen Shore, monologue, puppets

J.A. Tan, monologue, poetry reading

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