Dominic Walsh – Am I Invisible?

Am I Invisible

Am I invisible to you

Because I don’t understand your tone of voice                   

Or the things you do with your face and body

Am I invisible

Because you and everyone else can hear signals from a radio station that I can’t

Am I invisible

Because I don’t speak

So you erase me

Replace me

With an almost person

Or a jumble of clichés

Am I invisible

Because I twist my fingers

Clap my hands

Flap my hands

Repeat sounds, words, noises, sentences

That are music and poetry and liquid gold to me

Is this difference all it takes

For you not to listen

To exclude me, abuse me, institutionalise me

To speak about me as if I’m not in the room

Am I invisible

Because of words in books written by dead men

That claim I am not a real person

I exist

I am real

I’m just waiting for you to see me.


Dominic Walsh is a writer and actor on the autistic spectrum. His poetry has been displayed in Manchester Metropolitan University in Manchester UK and he has contributed reviews of books, TV and audio plays to Dominic is involved with the theatre company Theatre of the Senses that runs in Manchester and will soon appear as Cassio in Theatre of the Senses’ adaptation of Othello.

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