Documentary DVD: Autism & Art Contest!

Will you be the one to create the cover of our new film?

Announcing a contest for autistic artists to create original DVD cover art.

“A Sound Paradigm: A Film About David Royer, Community, and Futures in Autism”

 Theme and Design Brief

–      A Sound Paradigm is a feature-length documentary exploring the life and history of David Royer, a slightly autistic creative and one of an elite group of microphone designers who elevated the art of recording. David’s electronics expertise and unique approach to microphone design resulted in a technology that is used around the world.

 –      A Sound Paradigm is also about the back story of a man who found a community of support to help bring his passion and genius to the marketplace, resulting in one of the most well respected microphone companies in the world.

–      A Sound Paradigm is about inspiring autistics and their families to dream big, work hard, seek support, understand their gifts, and realize their futures in jobs, careers, and the infinite possibilities of their lives.

About David: David’s focus on sound started at an early age, where he grew up absorbing the classical and folk music that his parents played constantly. Transfixed by orchestral recordings, he developed a deep love of classical music that continues today. At 21, Dave created his own recordings with an Ampex 960 tape recorder and a pair of consumer microphones. Unhappy with his early results, he started experimenting with his microphones and soon began an in-depth, lifelong study of microphone design and electronic theory.

David modified and designed microphones and related recording equipment in Los Angeles during the 1980’s and 1990’s. In 1997 he designed his first ribbon mic and showed it to Rick Perrotta (now president of Royer Labs). That microphone, which Dave named the R-121, led to the opening of Royer Labs in 1998. It became an instant “classic,” providing warm, natural-sounding recordings of music and creating an industry-wide “ribbon revolution.” Ribbons are now commonplace in studios and on live stages around the world and David Royer is a household name in the recording industry. Royer Labs has earned many awards including the 2013 Technical Grammy, the industry’s highest honor.

Dave’s visionary designs continue to lead the industry today with “firsts” such as phants om-powered and tube ribbon mics.

Resources and design elements

Designers and artists are invited to make use of any of the Royer microphone images, sound waves, and photographs of Dave as part of the inspiration for your art.

Images of Dave may be included in your design as literal, interpretive or actual use of the photographic images.


* Only digital submissions can be accepted (see also “Submission deadline” below).

* Submissions must include designs for the DVD cover, and may be used for any and all promotional purposes related to the film and producer’s website.

* All artwork must be at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi in jpg, gif or psd format, exactly matching these dimensions:

5.1″ x 7.2″ with a 1/4″ bleed border. Visit the Dropbox link above if you are using Photoshop.

*Your interpretation of a Royer microphone should be included in your design, and it is okay to include the “Royer” brand name on the microphone as seen in the inspiration pictures in Dropbox. Notice there are 3 folders in this dropbox. The microphone has to be present in your interpretation.

* Artist may use any medium in a 2 dimensional format. Art may be representative, abstract, illustrative, photographic, or a combination of styles; be creative.

* Artists with autism of any age are welcome to submit.

* Designs/art for the cover SHOULD NOT INCLUDE TEXT (the title of the film) but you should allow space in some creative way for text to be added as an overlay (by us) for the film’s title and subtitle.

* The submitted artwork must be exclusive to the Sound Paradigm documentary DVD art competition, ORIGINAL FOR THIS CONTEST, and may not be artwork used in previous commercial or other projects.

* Individuals may enter as many submissions as they wish and are welcome to include a separate short textual description of their work(s).

* The producers are not obliged to make use of any artwork submitted as part of this contest.

* The winner will be awarded a copy of the packaged documentary DVD and a US$500.00 prize, with artist credit on the back cover and end credits of the film.

*The winner will be required to sign a Release of Art agreement, with minors requiring a parent or guardians signature prior to receipt of prize award.

Things You Should Avoid

  • DO NOT use stock images or clip art.
  • Respect copyright. DO NOT submit copyrighted work.

Works submitted

 The producers retain all rights to the photographic and/or art work representation of works submitted, including the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use, reproduce, and publish said photographs for editorial, trade, advertising, or any other purpose and in any manner or medium; to alter the same without restriction; and to copyright the same.


Confirmed judges include:

Bob Demarco; DeMarco Productions

Steve McDonald; DeMarco Productions

Keri Bowers; Normal Films


Submissions must be received via email to: on or before October 31, 2016

Royer microphone

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