Christina MacNeal Poetry

Through my autistic eyes

By Christina MacNeal

Through my eyes I see every vivid detail,
Like bursting rays of light that reflect against all that is beautiful,
Captivating my senses and causing blindness to everything else around me.


Through my eyes I see vibrant colors,
Colors that explode and shimmer like fireworks,
Dancing against a night sky in a display which cannot be ignored.

Through my eyes I see textures and patterns,
As though nothing is without meaning.
I understand their intricacy and I can feel the purpose behind them.

Through my eyes I see the heartbeat of every living thing.
The pulse and intensity resonates through me,
Like some kind of ethereal Sonar communication that is unique to me.

Through my eyes I feel how it is all connections,
Flowing through the same veins and pumping through one heart.
I see what goes unnoticed by others,
Through my autistic eyes.


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