Autism Blogs that went Viral

In celebration of Autism Awareness Month, I’ve compiled a list of blogs which have been most popular on The Art of Autism website in the last year. Blogs by teens and a pre-teen dominates the list.


1. A middle school essay on Inclusion – counting everyone in the everyone category – Harriet is only 11 and has the most popular blog on the Art of Autism. She writes an insightful essay about what is wrong with inclusion.



2. Oliver Piltch, a neuro-typical high school student, writes a blog why Autistic Teens deserve respect and acceptance

Aaron is a doctoral student in New Mexico and moderates a popular Facebook site for autism

3. Aaron Kelly Anderson, a doctoral student and Proud Aspergian, shares a touching poem in his Autism Unveiled post.

“My autism is the reason I’m in college and I’m successful. It’s the reason I care,” Jacob Barnett, 16-year old physicist

4. I am Jake – Jacob Barnett, a sixteen-year old physicist, attributes his autism to his success. Jacob was part of the Autism Unveiled project.


5. We must shift our views – Lori Shayew, from the Gifts of Autism, shares why we must shift our views about autism.

6. The Autism Unveiled Project created an incredible archive of 90 posts by Autistic people in their own words showing the gifts, struggle, and insights of people on the spectrum.

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