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The Art of Autism: Shifting Perceptions is here!

About the Book:
The Art of Autism: Shifting Perceptions
8.5 x 11 inches

  • ISBN-10: 0983983402
  • ISBN-13: 978-0983983408

144 pages
77 Visual Artists & Poets on the autism spectrum from Around the Globe
including 2012 United Nations Autism Awareness Stamp winners Seth Chwast, Trent Altman, Ryan Smoluk, and J.A. Tan
Essayists: Dr. Stephen Shore, Keri Bowers, Elaine Hall, Dr. Darold Treffert, Dr. Colin Zimbleman, Dr. Rebecca McKenzie


The Art of Autism: Shifting Perceptions explores major themes including unique abilities of some on the spectrum, the importance of family in nurturing creativity, the significance of a late diagnosis of Asperger’s, the use of alternate means of communication, and collaboration. Much more than an art book, this book has stories of overcoming challenges, inspiration, and hope. Join the Art of Autism experience – become part of our movement!

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