Organizations that Support Autistic Entrepreneurs

Organizations that support artists, musicians, entertainers, computer geeks and entrepreneurs on the autism spectrum. The Art of Autism has a regular of newsletter of opportunities that goes out to our subscribers. If you have an organization you would like to add please email theartofautism (@)

AASCEND is the Autism Aspergers Coalition for Educating, Networking and Development based in the Bay Area in California.

Academy of Special Dreams brings awareness to the special needs population through an online gallery, visual art, film, performance and writing competitions. Located in Los Angeles, California.

Actionplay offers training and professional development for education, arts, and culture professionals to develop compassionate and sensory aware experiences for people with autism and related conditions. Located in New York City.

Advocations connections people with disabilities with employers nationwide. They have a Disability Think program in Charlotte, North Carolina, that coaches autistic people on problem-solving and brainstorming.

Ambitious About Autism is a U.K. organization which offers schools and employment initiatives. They also host an art exhibit open to U.K. artists.

AANE Aspergers/Autism Network is a collaborative of 32 and counting artists on the spectrum. They have an ongoing exhibit in Boston and other exhibits in New England.

ANCA provides international recognition for artists, poets, scientists and creatives on the spectrum through their magazine, website, radio shows, and awards ceremonies.

Arts and Healing Network is an online resource celebrating the connection between arts and healing.

Art Enables located in Washington D.C. is a studio and gallery for emerging artists with developmental disabilities. Artists can sell their art and make an income.

Artists with Autism – Promotes Micro-Enterprising, Provides Opportunities, Creating Independence

Art Walk for Kids/Adults focuses on benefiting artists with special needs and at risk, youth and adults, through a curriculum of art education. Located in Santa Barbara, California.

Aspiritech software testing harnessing the power of Aspergers and autism. Located in Illinois.

The Autism Acceptance Project promotes acceptance and accommodations for Autistic people. They have art exhibits and performances in Canada.

Autism Brainstorm is an interactive, autism community. They regularly feature artists on the spectrum.
Autism Creatives Collective – a community of creative autistic people. The ACC identifies opportunities and supports these writers, artists, musicians, storytellers and other creative fields to find jobs, careers, and other ways to share their creativity with the world.

Autonomous Press owned by disabled workers takes submissions and book proposals from autistic people.

Autonomy Works  provides marketing and digital operations tasks such as marketing operations, content management, and reporting and analytics. They employ autistic people for these tasks.

Autism Unites changes lives through the art of connection. They offer various workshops and classes in Culver City and the Los Angeles area.

Autism Women’s Network supports women on the spectrum.

Autisticeye is a U.K. based website that sells art work of people with autism and Aspergers.

The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network advances disability rights for Autistic people.

Autistic Services, Inc. gives people with autism the opportunity to get involved in the visual and performing arts. Located in Williamsville, New York

Autism Spectrum Center has an annual autism art gala in October. They are located in San Luis Obispo, California

Autism Women’s Network supports women and girls on the spectrum.

Autistry Studios offers innovative vocational support and programs in Marin County, California

Awe in Autism provides inspiration and encouragement to those affected by autism. They do this through their website  and live shows.

BlueCrayonz is a Florida-based nonprofit that supports young people on the autism spectrum by helping them receive the services they need.

Brighter Future Charity offers opportunities for artists on the spectrum to share their creations. They are based in the Los Angeles area.

With a Brush of Love transforms the lives of children on the spectrum through their surroundings.

Celebrate Edu provides a path to a positive future for people on the autism spectrum. They have an online entrepreneur curriculum.

Chocolate Spectrum offers training in making chocolates in Jupiter, Florida

Coding Autism helps autistic individuals find jobs in the software and technology industries. Located in Los Angeles, CA.

College of Adaptive Arts is a unique college of the arts for people with disabilities in San Jose, CA.

College of Adapted Education offers art, dance and other classes in Fallbrook, CA.

The Dan Marino Campus in Ft. Lauderdale, FL offers nationally recognized certifications in computer technology, hospitality and retailing.

Different Brains is a neurodiversity resource site that welcomes everyone– regardless of condition or philosophy. Their goal is to build a community of advocates for people whose brains think a little bit differently, a space for the respectful sharing of ideas and stories, and a resource for anyone seeking knowledge and support so that no one feels like the “Lone Ranger.”

Dreams Fulfilled Through Music in San Antonio, TX presents 25+ concerts, recitals, exhibits and seminars throughout the year showcasing the musical abilities of individuals with all types of special needs.

Exceptional Minds is a nonprofit vocational center and animation studio for young adults on the autism spectrum. Located in Sherman Oaks, California.

Extraordinary Ventures in Chapel Hills, North Carolina trains and employs autistic people.

Food for Thought in Columbus, Ohio helps autistic people find jobs. They have a gluten-free bakery.

Futures Explored is a nonprofit in Northern California which provides life skills and work-related training to people with developmental disabilities.  In 2013, they opened Vocational Art Studies (VAS) which provides support, space and materials to artists with d.d.’s.

The Gifts of Autism shifts the paradigm about autism. They have an active Facebook Community.

The Good Purpose Gallery displays art by professionals who embrace the mission of the Student Education Development Fund (SEDF) for the College Internship Program (CIP). They display art of many artists on the autism spectrum. Located in Lee, Massachusetts.

Growing Solutions Farm  is a vocational garden program in Illinois Medical District.

Harambeearts partners with grassroots programs in Africa to train local caregivers to provide art programs to volunerable children and adults, many who are autistic.

Hidden Wings is a program in Solvang, California that provides art, recreation, drumming, and technology programs to young adults on the autism spectrum.

Inclusion Films is a practical film workshop for people with developmental disabilities. Locations across the United States. is a community based art and design studio located in Naperville, Illinois. They commission with their artists products.

Inside Out Productions is a commercial art and sewing enterprise which allows artists to make commissions. They have a studio in the Los Angeles area and are a part of L.A. Goal

Jazz Hands for Autism supports musicians on the autism spectrum. Based in Los Angeles

JSDD’s Wellness, Arts Enrichment (WAE) Center’s Art Access Program offers programs such as writing, poetry, and painting. Located in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.

KindTree serves and celebrates people on the spectrum through art, recreation, and community. They offer a variety of opportunities for artists around the globe. Located in Eugene, Oregon.

Kindling Studios – art studio in Camarillo, California

Lettuce Work is an innovative nonprofit in New Albany, Ohio which produces hydroponic lettuce mixes and employs autistic people.

Life with Art is a U.K. nonprofit located in Central Glasglow that has workshops and art and photography exhibitions.

MADEIT Film and Media Production. In partnership with Inclusion Films teaches all aspects of film makers. Based in San Diego, CA

Madison House Autism Foundation is a Maryland-based nonprofit which addresses challenges of autistic people through their lifespan. They offer a variety of programs and host art events.

Make Studio in Baltimore, Maryland provides multi-modal arts programming to individuals with disabilities.

Merchant Street Art Gallery of Artists with Autism is located in Kankakee, Illinois showcases artists and musicians on the autism spectrum.

MindSpark provides technical training and jobs to autistic people in Los Angeles area.

The Miracle Project enables children and teens with autism and other special needs to express themselves through music, dance, acting, story, and writing. Locations in California and New York.

NFAR (National Foundation for Autism Research) offers training programs in software testing and computer programming for autistic adults. They also offer transition programs. San Diego, California

nonPareil Institute offers technical training to autistic adults. Located in Texas.

Open Door Art Studio in Columbus, OH supports artists with developmental disabilities

Passwerk is a Belgium company that trains and employs autistic people to be software engineer testers.

Paint a Miracle is an innovative studio and art gallery serving people with disabilites in Rochester, Michigan.

Picasso Einstein has an initiative called  “PersonVentured” Self-Employment and  offers training teaching self-employment using simple concepts and accessible tools like website/graphic design & social media

Platinum Bay Technologies – based in Irvine, CA hires autistic people for technology solutions.

Polly’s Place is a shop through the Autism Trust that sells art work and crafts of people on the spectrum.

Popcorn for the People As one of its projects, Let’s Work For Good created the brand, Popcorn For The People, whose profits go towards providing training and employment for adults with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Powerlight Studios founded by teenager on the spectrum, gives opportunities to autistic animators and illustrators.

Pure Vision Arts(PVA) studio provides an environment that facilitates the opportunity for socialization, sharing of ideas and peer mentoring while working in a supportive atmosphere. Located in Manhattan, NYC

Rising Tide Car Wash in Florida trains people on the autism spectrum to be elite car wash professionals.

Roses for Autism hires autistic people to grow, cut and package flowers in Guilford, Connecticut.

Rosie’s Foundation creates employment opportunities for people of diverse abilities. Located in Culver City, CA.

Seeds for Autism is a workshop-based program in Phoenix, Arizona which serves young adults on the autism spectrum.

Sling Shot is a working art studio in Santa Barbara which supports over 30 artists with developmental disabilities.

Sophie’s Gallery is a gallery and studio in El Cajon, CA through St. Madeleines.

Specialisterne trains people with ASD for software testing and data handling

Spectrum Laboratory collaborates with artists with autism to create film and theater productions. Based in Los Angeles.

Spectrum Works is a screen printing nonprofit in New Jersey that employs autistic people.

Squag is an interactive, safe networking community for children on the spectrum. They feature art work of artists on the spectrum.

Strokes of Genius purpose is to educate and empower individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) by promoting their artistic abilities.

Synergies Work helps people with disabilities become financially sustainable entrepreneurs and contributing members of society. They are an accelerator and a co-operative for entrepreneurs with disabilities. Located in Marietta, Georgia

The Studio at Living Opportunities provides workshops, instruction, and events to promote independence, individuality, creativity and income for artists with a range of disabilities. Located in Medford, Oregon.

Studioworks/Zoom Group – provides artists in the Louisville, Kentucky region opportunities

The Specialists Guild is a nonprofit social enterprise in San Francisco which trains autistic people for work in line with their intelligence. Placements have included Wikipedia.

Tierra Del Sol  has an art gallery in Claremont, California and a comprehensive program for adults in Tujunga, California.

Ultra Testing in New York provides software testing jobs to people on the autism spectrum.

VSA Arts is an international organization that provides education and opportunities to artists with disabilities. They have research studies and information for parents and artists on their website.

We Are Lions (WAL) believes art has the power to transcend any boundary in the known universe. Their mission is to harness this power and use it for good. By creating art, the most universal language, on canvases everyone has access to, they give people who deserve it a platform to share their stories. They offer an artist gallery and products with money coming back to the artist.