“The Good Purpose Gallery was set up to show the work of professional artists throughout the year including professional artists who are on the Spectrum.  We recently tied a one person show of Esther Brokaw’s (savant, autistic artist) in with a showing of student work from our young adults who have Asperger’s Syndrome and Learning Differences.  That lead to creating a dual fundraiser 3 day event with the Art of Autism at the end of the show.  The show was heart warming and people asked specifically for us to bring it back for a longer length of time. This idea led to the creating of two additional gallery spaces near the main gallery that will show the art of artists on the spectrum in rotating 6 week segments, 7 days a week, year round.  Getting us totally on mission of providing visual arts opportunities to those on the autism spectrum.”
Francine Britton, The Good Purpose Gallery, Lee, Massachusetts.

“The Art of Autism helped Justin meet some key people at Disney Studios and as a result a mentorship developed for Justin!” Maria Teresa Canha, mom to illustrator Justin Canha

“The art of autism exhibit raised $4,000 for my son’s school”
John Ordover, owner Soho Gallery of Digital Art, New York City

“The exhibit of artists with autism raised the most money of any art exhibit I’ve had at my bookstore.  Now I can give the Friends of the Library a big check.”  Kiona Gross, Owner Curious Cup Bookstore, Carpinteria


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