Finding Your Inner MozArt art contest judges

The Art of Autism is delighted to announce our 3 judges for the Mainly Mozart/Art of Autism art contest Finding Your Inner MozArt. Artists, read judge Craig S. Avery’s letter to the artists here.

Director Emeritus
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

Hugh M. Davies is recognized in­ternationally as a scholar in the field of contemporary and modern art.  Davies served from 1983 to 2016 as director of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, and was named Director Emeritus by the museum’s trustees in 2016.  While directing artistic and administrative activities of MCASD, Davies curated or co-curated numerous exhibitions including: Phenomenal: California Light, Space, Surface (2011-2012), Robert Irwin: Primaries and Secondaries (2007), Francis Bacon: The Papal Portraits of 1953 (1999), and William Kentridge: Weighing…and Wanting (1998). Davies was one of six co-curators who organized the Biennial 2000 at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, and in 1976 he served as Director of the U.S. Exhibition at the 37th Venice Biennale.  From 1975 to 1983 he was the founding director of the Uni­versity Museum of Contemporary Art (formerly the University Gallery) at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and from 1984 through 2016, he was a member of the Association of Art Museum Directors, a Trustee from 1994-2001, and President from 1997-1998.

Davies is currently a member of the Francis Bacon Authentication Committee, which published the artist’s Catalogue Raisonne in 2016.  His doctoral dissertation on Francis Bacon was later expanded and published by Garland Press, and he has subsequently published extensively on Bacon’s work.  Davies received his A.B., summa cum laude, (1970), M.F.A. (1972), and Ph.D. (1976) from the Department of Art and Archaeology at Princeton University.

Fine Artist

Gerrit Greve is an internationally acclaimed fine artist living in Cardiff by the Sea, California. He is a third-generation Dutch colonial, born in Indonesia. His family subsequently moved to the Netherlands and later immigrated to the U.S., settling near Chicago. This multicultural exposure during his formative years has shaped both him and his art and informs many aspects of his work. He began drawing extensively under the tutelage of his parents at the age of three and has continued since then. Gerrit is now painting and living in southern California. His artwork is included in important public and private collections both in the U.S. and abroad. Since 1972 he has had numerous gallery and museum exhibitions, including a number of solo museum shows. Gerrit has been the subject of several television documentaries, including the Emmy Award-winning PBS series “Artists in Residence.” His paintings have been featured in many publications, including TIME Magazine. Notably, Gerrit’s painting; Northwest Territory is included in the book “1001 Paintings You Must See before You Die.

Retired Book Editor, Writer, Poet and Novelist

Craig Avery is a retired book editor, a writer, poet, and novelist. He began his publishing career in San Diego and lived in North San Diego County from 1976 to 1991. He writes, “I have been looking at and thinking about art since I was a child, and in retirement my passion is to seek out the online postings of paintings and photographs by artists of all kinds, selecting some of them for viewing by an international group of artists and other friends on Facebook. I view from dozens to hundreds of images a day. Viewing these pieces by neurodiverse artists is not unlike what I do daily: I seek to complete a connection that starts with the artist and expands into the world of the empathetic viewer.” His wife and daughter are artists. He resides in New Mexico.

Read Craig’s letter to the artists here.

Header art work: J.A. Tan “Third Movement”