Dear Me: Oh the places you will go!

Dear Younger Me,

Are you lost and overwhelmed with all of the medical mumbo-jumbo, and exceptionally long diagnosis essentially saying, “Your child has autism.” I know that you are feeling numb—paralyzed with uncertainty, fear, and grief about the unknown. But I’m here to tell you that your life would have no meaning…no depth…no purpose if it wasn’t for autism. And Jonathan, is THE most amazing, clever, smart, funny, adorable hero I’ve ever encountered. You’re going to feel so grateful and privileged to be his mom.


Don’t be afraid, ever. You know instinctively what he needs and even though you are introverted at heart, you are a warrior mom! You are whomever your son needs you to be at any given point in time. Today, he’s 30 years old and living independently. Does he still struggle and need more attention and support than your daughter? Yes, but every day you’ll experience him needing just a little less of your oversight and you’ll be able to reflect and enjoy the incredible man he has become.

So have your moment of sadness and then let go of your pre-determined expectations and set forth on the magical mystery tour of autism.


“Oh, the places you’ll go!”

With love,



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