“Art AUcross America” Winners Announced

Watercolor for Beginners

The Art of Autism had over 230 entries forthe Art AUCross America initiative! We decided to give four art sets away instead of one. Toys AUCross America is giving away 2 of the art sets and our board member Carly Fulgham has donated 2 art sets. It was a very difficult choice but here are the winners.

Nate, 11 years old, from Masssachusetts
Dalton, 15 years old, from Pennsylvania
Kylee, 13 years old, from Pennsylvania
Drake, 16 years old, from Virginia

Thank you to all who entered. We hope you all post your art creations on www.facebook.com/theartofautism.

The Art of Autism is teaming up with Toys AUcross America for a series of giveaways intended to bring art to the autism community to unleash the beauty that is autism.

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Give a toy to an autistic child. Follow this link.

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