Vivint Smart Home giving away 4 free smart home systems in April #AutismAwarenessMonth

Vivint Autism

Vivint Smart Home, one of the leading smart home companies in North America, will be giving away four free smart home systems in honor of Autism Awareness Month in April to four families affected by ASD. The giveaway is open to any North American household with at least one member with ASD. To enter, eligible households need to submit a 1-2 minute video explaining their situation and describing why they would benefit from a smart home system.

For a little background, Vivint found that smart home systems can help families by alerting homeowners when children attempt to wander from safety. By monitoring key exit and entry points with smart sensors and cameras, the technology can provide peace of mind and a greater capacity to keep children in a safe, supervised environment. As such, the company wanted to do its part to help improve the lives of families affected by ASD and announced this initiative.

The giveaway is open until April 20, 2018. More information including submission instructions can be found here. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


  • I am concerned that parents creating videos about their children and their challenging behaviours may be exploitative. Are the autistic people being talked about in the videos consenting to their private lives being posted publicly online for the world to see? There is no shame in autism. Autism is a natural way of being. But everyone deserves privacy.

  • Hi Nicole,

    Thank you for looking out for individuals affected by autism. Vivint Smart Home has a long history of working with the autism community and will never seek to exploit anyone, especially those affected by ASD. The video submission process is designed to provide a way for parents/guardians who want to enter the giveaway to share their stories in a compelling and creative way, and to raise awareness and acceptance of the autism community. Vivint is doing this giveaway because we’ve found that the smart home technology we offer can help provide peace of mind and a greater capacity to keep children who have autism safe in their homes. We will not share any information without consent from the families who enter and only upon working closely with them to ensure what we share is for the benefit of the autism community.

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