Review of AtmosFX for Digital Decorations

Atmos FX

Great decorating idea for nonprofits and schools who have dances and parties.

By Debra Muzikar

I received an email last week asking if I would like to review the AtmosFX Digital Design projector (Retail $199) for the Art of Autism. The email stated that the AtmosFX was created in 2008 by an MTV producer and a professional animator. The two of them were inspired by high-end creations used at amusement parks and museums. The AtmosFX is in over 100 countries and is the fastest growing digital home decoration system. I signed up to receive a complementary projector in exchange for a review.

A package arrived promptly in the mail. The package includes a projector with tripod, a SD card with 14 “movie” scenes, a white screen that can be placed over a window and a remote control. The 4 x 6 foot screen can be adjusted either vertically or horizontally. The system included 3M double stick tape to attach the screen to a window or wall. I was thinking this projector would be great for dances and parties which I help with for the nonprofit Jeremiah’s Ranch.

This morning I hooked it up. Put the enclosed screen on a wall and navigated through the device to display the different animated movie scenes on the screen. At first I was not getting anything on the screen and then I realized I had left the lens cap on. I’m not great at installing things but this was pretty easy. After taking the lens cap off, I was able to see the menu (which is folders much like what is on a PC) and navigate to display the movie scenes on the screen. It’s a nice option that you can click on multiple scenes and they will loop. The most robust holiday that comes with their system is Halloween with six different movie scenes. The scenes were quite scary and would definitely create a creepy atmosphere for Halloween.

The other holidays that have movies are Valentine’s Day (with floating hearts and cupids), Fourth of July (firecracker displays), Easter, Halloween, Christmas and one general movie with floating balloons and streamers that would be great for birthdays. You can purchase additional scenes from $6.99 – $9.99 on Atmos FX’ website. In addition to the holidays I mentioned they have decorations for football parties, St. Patrick’s Day and Thanksgiving.

Here’s what their Valentine’s movie looks like:

The movie projections are designed to go on your window so that when people approach your house they will see a cool movie animation. I can definitely see using this to create an appropriate atmosphere for Halloween, Fourth of July and Christmas parties.

The digital decorating kit includes:

  • Projector
  • Professional mounting tripod
  • Remote control (2 AAA batteries not included)
  • UL power adapter
  • Standard Window Projection Material
  • Digital Decorations SD Card with 14 pre-loaded scenes
  • They also have another more upscale package which includes a high-definition projector for $299.

    Is it worth $199? I would say yes. For one thing, it’s not big and easy to store unlike the crates of holiday decorations many of us have in our garages. The ability to use the same item for many holidays is definitely a plus.

    Besides home use, I would recommend this item to nonprofits and schools who have parties and want to create a fun atmosphere.

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