Sydney Edmond

Sydney Edmond compiled a book of poetry, “The Purple Tree,” when she was only 16. At 18, she continues to write beautiful poetry. She has gained recognition by famed autie poet Donna Williams and  has been featured in a documentary called “My Name is Sydney.” Sydney’s words  inside her head came for others to enjoy through use of a letterboard.

i think reading poetry is like looking at paintings; essentially unique each time they are interpreted. to read poetry is perhaps personal each reader bringing their own history to color it. i look through lenses you can never imagine and i’ll never know how you perceive, either.
but although open minds pop eagerly through top poets lives wallowing in their lives can’t inform you how their minds worked. it is in their words that you will find them, not their actions. the body has its own principles it lives by. often very different than the soul. old souls are.popped into bodies without polish. and without shame. poor souls must struggle to be heard. poetry and art pour from the souls of us. we pour it out in spite of our lumbering bodies.