P.O.D.S. Submission Guidelines

(People of Diversity, Speaking) Submission Guidelines


The Art of Autism is an international collaborative project and nonprofit composed of talented individuals who have come together to display the creative abilities of people on the autism spectrum (ASD).

What is P.O.D.S.?


  • P.O.D.S. is a photo-blog database of autistic individuals and their interests. It’s a visual representation of peers, not unlike a patchwork quilt; displaying the diversity and individuality that is the autism community.
  • Art of Autism does not pay for inclusion on the P.O.D.S. page.


What to Submit to P.O.D.S.

  •  Each submission consists of a photo and a paragraph.


While candid photos of a person on the spectrum partaking in an art (think drama, music, painting, writing, etc.) are preferred, we are completely open to whatever you are comfortable with submitting.


       About 5 or 6 sentences is the preferred length; but again, we are open! What are your strengths? How long have you been doing your art? What does art mean to you? What are your influences? Answer these questions, or just speak from the heart and if you’ve got a link you’d like to include, please send that too!

  • See this link for examples of P.O.D.S. submissions.


Send SUBMISSIONS/INQUIRIES to: PODSartofautism@gmail.com