Julian Maha of Kulturecity seeking donations for families with disabilities displaced by Houston flood

Reuters/Adrees Latif
REUTERS/Adrees Latif

Houston is facing the biggest natural disaster in United States history. Many of us are watching on the news the devastation. For those with disabilities the disaster is even more traumatic.

The Art of Autism will be actively looking for ways we can help and posting on our Facebook page and website.

Julian Maha of Kulturecity is leading the way with a Facebook fundraising initiative. Kulturecity is a nonprofit which focuses on acceptance and accessibility for all of those with differing abilities. Their mission is in alignment with The Art of Autism.

Grant Manier, one of the artists who participates in the Art of Autism project, talks about the Kulturecity initiative.

It’s only been 24 hours since Julian started the initiative and over 180 people have donated.

Julian writes on his Facebook page:

“Let’s show the world the power of the people and genuine care for disability families who are sometimes excluded from disaster relief.

“We are working with Autism Rescue Angels out of Houston in raising money for Houston disability families impacted by the flood. Children with disabilities are often excluded from disaster risk reduction (DRR) initiatives and, as a result, can experience amplified physical, psychological, and educational vulnerabilities.

“For children with disabilities, vulnerability in facing natural hazards can be exacerbated by factors that include mobility difficulties, preexisting medical conditions, and existing social and physical structures and policies. Some children with disabilities may have preexisting medical conditions, suffer from life-threatening consequences due to separation from caregivers, and be prone to illness, malnutrition, and abuse when disaster strikes. They may acquire additional impairments and experience additional health issues as a result of inadequately staffed shelters that are not prepared to meet their medical needs. Children with autism-spectrum disorders have sensory integration problems that may include high sensitivity to light, sounds, odors, tastes, and touch making them particularly vulnerable during disasters.

“Money raised will go to scholarships for financial support for these children and their families.”

Many wonder what they can do to help those in Texas. Please consider donating to this initative.

The link to donate is here.

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