The Art of Music

Arrest My Sister, band includes

Scott Seigel, songwriter, lead singer

Wadda Khufu

Jon McCracken

Crazy Tomes

Musicians & Singers

Brian Bernard, singer/songwriter

Benjamen Blanchet, pianist

Eryn Delgado, pianist

Nick Guzman, singer, guitarist

Connor LoCascio, pianist

Luciar, singer, songwriter, pianist

Paul Mazzu, singer

Miracle Fly Kids singers include

Elena Goldberg

Wyatt Isaacs

Tristen Miller

Rachel Tracosas

Rio Wyles

Quinn Lohmann

Kennedy Moore, singer

Rachel Paine, singer

Tom Ryan, singer, songwriter, guitarist

Matt Serednicky, singer

JP Serednicky, singer

Susan Sheller singer, songwriter, guitarist

Sybelle Silverphoenix, singer

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