Vote for 2017 Favorite Blog – Male Perspective

2017 Best Autism Blogs

The Art of Autism is taking nominations for your favorite informative blogs in a number of categories. Here are our nominations so far for favorite blog – autistic male perspective. To vote click on who you want to vote for and hit the vote button at the bottom. Voting ends March 15, 2017. We will feature all the blogs in April.

Disclaimer: This is an informal survey. The Art of Autism will highlight all of the nominees in a future blog. The software we are using unfortunately shows vote counts. We encourage all readers and voters to check out all the blogs!

Vote for Best Female Autistic Blogger
Vote for Your Favorite Magazine Style Autism Blog

Have a favorite Blog you’d like to add to this list? The Art of Autism will be posting our other categories for voting in the upcoming weeks.

We are accepting nominations for Best Blog in the following categories through March 15, 2017. Winners will be announced at the end of March.

Autistic Perspective – Female
Autistic Perspective – Male
Autistic Perspective – Nonbinary
Autistic Perspective – Person of Color
Non-Speaking Autistic Perspective
Parenting Blog
Educational Blog
Autism Advocacy Blog
Magazine-Style Blog (many perspectives)
Art and/or Poetry Blog
Disability Blog – All Disabilities
Other (if not fitting into these categories)

Best Autism Blog / Website Submission Form



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