The Art of Autism supports in upcoming Lawsuit

Recent posts by the Art of Autism have been about Kevin Hosseini, my son, 19, in a transition program for developmentally disabled adults in Carpinteria, CA.

I’ve outlined the nightmares we’ve gone through about his privacy being violated and hysteria being spread throughout the School District by a teacher who is protected by the Teacher’s Union. It seems student’s rights no longer matter.

I’ve asked who is entitled.

There is a lawsuit that may be monumental heading to trial in California January 27, Vergara v. California.

This is about giving more power to the students and less to teachers.

How timely is this!

The Defendants in the case include the State of California, the State Superintendent, the California
Department of Education, and the State Board of Education..
The unions who intervened to defend the statutes are the California Teachers Association and the California Federation of Teachers.

For more more information visit The Art of Autism will be following this closely.

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