Submission Guidelines

The Art of Autism takes submissions of art work and poetry on a continuous basis. We update the website quarterly with art.

We also look for guest bloggers on a variety of subjects including but not limited to:

1. First-hand accounts from autistic people
2. Benefits of the expressive arts
3. Spirituality and autism
4. Special Education
5. Sibling Stories
6. Personal viewpoint stories
7. Stories about innovative programs
8. Profiles of autistic people
9. Advocacy articles
10. Articles about employment and transition

Articles should be 800 – 2000 words and a head-shot of the writer is required. Also if art is part of the article it should be included in the submission.

The benefit of being a blogger for the Art of Autism is portfolio building, promotion, and the chance to be read by many people. The Art of Autism has received close to 100,000 different views in the last year. We average 300 – 1200 views a day. Submissions and inquiries can be made to theartofautism @

Debra Muzikar also writes the Mind’s Eye column for The Autism File magazine which comes out six times a year. She is always looking for artists to profile in the magazine and in other magazines she writes for.