Published Articles

Debra Muzikar has published articles in a number of magazines. She is a regular contributor to the Autism File magazine with an art column called “Mind’s Eye,” which focuses on artists on the autism spectrum and the creativity of the human spirit.

Autism File Articles

A Bridge to the Mind,” Autism File July – August 2011

Building Bridges,” Autism File Oct-Nov 2012

Chalking it Up for Autism” Autism File Spring 2015

Australian Autism Asperger’s Network Magazine Articles (featuring Australian and New Zealand artists)

Out of the Dark Into the Light: The Craig Roveta Story

The Magical World of Nekea Blagoev

Steven Coventry: Sacred Mandalas and Geometry

Autism Eye Magazine Articles (featuring U.K. artists)

Rosemary Stephens self discovery through Art

Coming of Age: Eddie Callis Turns 21

Frank Allen

Zoom Magazine Article

The Art of Communication, Winter 2015

The Mind’s Eye column in the Autism File magazine profiles artists. The following artist’s have been profiled:

Candy Waters

Kirtenraw Bandiloo

James Frye

Jason Cantu

Justin Canha

Maximus Oberto

Neri Avraham

Harrison Heinks

Kevin Hosseini

Kimberly Gerry-Tucker

Mikey Allcock

Joel Anderson

Silke Heyer

J.A. Tan

Book Anthology Contributor

“The Gifts of the Children” by Debra Hosseini in The Sacred Shift (2011)  by Hunt Henion and Barbara Marx Hubbard

“The Art of Communication” by Debra Muzikar in Autism and Learning Differences (An Active Learning Teaching Toolkit) by Michael McManmon, Jessika Kingley Publishers, 2015

Books Compiled by Debra Muzikar

Artism: The Art of Autism: Shattering Myths (2011) profiles 54 artists on the spectrum and essays by experts in the field.

The Art of Autism: Shifting Perceptions (2012) profiles 78 artists and poets on the autism spectrum and includes essays by experts in the field.