Nicole Nicholson

Poet Nicole Nicholson has created a video of her personal and symbolic poem

“A Letter to My Father”

Click on the link to view.

My poetry is a means of communication. I am able to communicate orally and in most cases there is no noticeable problem, but sometimes it is difficult, and I cannot access what I need mentally to say what I mean. I don’t have true selective mutism, but sometimes I feel a bit of a mental “block”. The written word allows me enough time to form and/or translate my thoughts so that I may express exactly what I see in my mind. In short, I canexpress myself in spite of any “block”.

Why do I say “translate”? You see, I am a visual thinking type of Aspie/Autie and so my thoughts either come as pictures, short films, or pictures of written words on a screen or page. I do an act or translation to get the pictures into words.

Also, I see myself as a storyteller with a mission: to add color to the world, to deliver people from the limited ways in which they see and feel, and to help others “find their way back home”. We all lose our way in life, but I always believe it id possible to go back home.”   Nicole Nicholson