Jeremy Sicile-Kira sees people’s colors and paints them

Jeremy Sicile-Kira is having his first solo exhibit from April 11 -23 at Space4Art Gallery in San Diego.

By Debra Muzikar

I had a chance to submit some questions to Jeremy Sicile-Kira, 27, who is having his first solo exhibit in San Diego this week. Jeremy has been painting for the last 3 years. For those who aren’t familiar with Jeremy, he sees everything in color and is able to paint portraits of people’s colors. Jeremy has his own art studio in San Diego and paints five days a week. He would paint every day if he could, he says.

Here are some questions I asked Jeremy.

How does it feel to have your first solo art exhibit?

Truly having my first art exhibit is both exciting and nerve racking. I’m excited to show my art to the public. Truly I hope to make a positive impact on the community. Truly painting and art gives me great hope for my future and nicely the future of the world. I really want to just keep getting more clients, dearly to help them with my insight and also to be able to earn money and be able to support myself.

Can you tell me about your art studio and how it came to be?

Greatly frankly so many people started ordering paintings, that I ran out of room at my Mom and Dads house, where it had my very own paint room. Greatly my Mom and Dad helped me find the studio downtown (San Diego).

 What is an intuitive artist?

Frankly an intuitive artist is someone who can feel another persons emotions through color.

Do the colors you paint with always have the same meaning? Or can a color have different meanings?

Truly the color I paint is different for each person. For example, sometimes the color red can represent anxiousness, but it can also represent love.

Do you consider yourself a synaesthete with colors?

Greatly truly yes, because I see everything in color. I have synesthesia, which means that the part of my brain – that controls the  senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste – are wired differently. About ten percent of all people have this. Many famous musicians have this, and when they listen to music they see colors. I can see colors even in dust.  I see people’s emotions translated into color when I look at them.  Now, I meet people at my studio or online, and listen to them and watch them. As an artist, I can write a description of what I see, and then I paint the painting.

Do you see colors when you are not dreaming?

Truly I see everything in color even when I’m not dreaming. For example, if a person comes near me in the store or at a restaurant, I can see their energy in color.

What do you want people to know about your art?

Truly I want people to know that I see emotions through color and that painting is a way that I express what I see. I hope that the people who see my exhibit will wonder about what their aura painting would look like. Truly I want what I paint to make people think about the meaning in color and think about what colors truly nicely represent about themselves.

Jeremy painting2

Why do you want to share your story with others? What do you hope others will learn from your story?

I will explain from my perspective that I very much have had this gift of synesthesia but I did not say anything because I believed that everyone greatly had this talent. Truly for me I use the word auras or colors when describing my dreams, but I am reading the colors of people’s emotions.

Truly I just want to say that my autism and sensory motor challenges are why I nicely am more sensitive dearly giving me this gift. But only because my nice mom found a way to teach me to communicate was I dearly able to tell others what I saw –  if they asked me the right question like my mom did about if I saw letters and numbers in color.

I truly believe that mostly we must very much give people a way to communicate. Truly there may be more gifted artists.  Realize that we nonverbal people with sensory motor challenges need assistance to discover our talents.

I asked Jeremy to share 3 of his favorite paintings. Jeremy also writes about the painting when he gives it to people.   “Truly my most favorite painting is about my Mom and her One Woman Show that she performs. My second favorite dream is about me finding true love. And my third favorite dream is about World Peace.”

Jeremy Sicile-Kira "My mom the Storyteller"
Jeremy Sicile-Kira “My mom the Storyteller”

Happy truly nicely I frankly dreamt that I painted nice mom’s success as a true story teller. Justly mom told our story in very different ways: books and plays and keynotes and solo performance and in movies that changed people’s lives. Beautiful mom told everyone our story of triumph. Great yellow showing true happiness is present. Green is present for the real calming message that our story will bring. Read more here.

Jeremy's Search for Love
Jeremy’s Search for Love

I greatly dreamt I painted my aura while searching for my true love. The painting was blue for the knowledge I had in the qualities I was looking for in my love. There was a red heart because of the anxiety of trying to get the right person to love me. Yellow and green represented happiness and calm, the feelings realized by finding love. Kindly my green self hopes to overcome the anxiety I feel at the thought of no love.

Jeremy Sicile-Kira "Future Girlfriend"
Jeremy Sicile-Kira “My Future Girlfriend”

Happy to greatły think about nice future full of love the color red is present. Lavender is shown for the care we give each other. Belief in my happiness is truly shown with yellow. Frankly I very much hope that she will be nice to my support staff is represented by white. Really my love is there represented by pink. Green is the calmness that we feel together. Belief in the power of God is present through the colors gold and silver.


Postcard small art show

Visit Jeremy’s website to learn more about Jeremy. Read more about Jeremy and how he got started in this Art of Autism blog and  Autism is the prism in which I see the world Jeremy’s contribution to the Autism Unveiled project last year.


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